Lina , ID: 10002469

Lina , 33

Bogotá, Colombia

HEIGHT 5' 8" (172 cm)
BIRTHDAY January 24, 1989
WEIGHT 126 lbs. (57 kg)
OCCUPATION Comercio Internacional
ZODIAC aquarius
RELIGION Christianity
MARITAL STATUS never married
LANGUAGES Inglés, alemán

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I consider myself a great professional, intelligent, creative and original (Unique: there is no other like me), I can develop great ideas even in a short time, for example publishing my first romantic and unpublished story called Alma de Tango in the book El Amor Es Pure Story, has been an achievement that fills me with pride, I hope one day to publish an entire novel. I am very generous. That is why I strongly reject stingy people or people who reproach me for something they offered me "selflessly". Quick to learn and easily adapt to new changes. I am a masterpiece in progress, with qualities, virtues and defects. But yes, loyal, honest, sensitive, responsible who knows what he is doing and does not waste time on things that do not lead me anywhere. Aware of my potential, with clear ambitions and goals. Quiet at times, but assertive when required, and patient, I have my criteria very clear, but I do not intend to impose them on others. I care very little what others think of me and what people can see with pity in me. I don't like being corrected, nor do I enjoy it, although I understand that I need it. I don't have friends, only acquaintances and life partners, but I fully enjoy my own company, even so I am respectful and attentive to listen if someone needs it. I believe in a God redeemer, savior and creator. I believe in love, life and its right, I still have hopes in a better and more humane world although every time and little by little I lose hope. My only addiction is coffee in the mornings. I am Lina Lozano, one more human...


I am not looking for a perfect man, I am looking for a real man with real feelings, a professional man with dreams and clear goals. A man who in the future wants to be my husband. Living in Germany, I had the opportunity to get to know other cultures, for that reason, I am interested in meeting a foreign man because they are men with vision, mature, responsible and committed, and they are taller than me. I am looking for a stable and healthy relationship. Additionally, there are a few things that are important to me when I think about a relationship: • Treat with respect. • I respect my religious beliefs, although I have the illusion of finding someone who shares the same belief as me, because I have the firm conviction that the man who fears God will think twice before hurting me. • he doesn't make fun of things I like or want to do. • There is no room for dislikes to spend my time with my family etc. • Feels comfortable around my family. • Listen to my ideas and is able to commit to me. • Shares some of my interests and supports me in pursuing what I love. • You feel free to share your thoughts and feelings with me. • Is proud of my accomplishments and successes. • Respect my limits and do not abuse technology. • You know that it is not necessary to “check in”. You don't need to know where I am all the time. • He cares about our well-being. • He is a man with financial freedom. • He is honest. • Doesn't pressure me to do things I don't want to do. • Self-confident. (Does not generate scenes or arguments out of jealousy) • Encourages me to do my job well and supports me in my professional growth. • Does not threaten to make me feel afraid. • Understands the importance of a healthy relationship. • Generous, thoughtful, chivalrous and romantic. • Enjoy and find meaning in what he does for a living. • he has a good sense of humor. (I melt men who make me laugh). • It is clear that the organization of the house, such as: picking up dirty clothes, washing the dishes, cooking, ironing, cleaning the house, is NOT the responsibility of a single person. This is a responsibility shared by all members of the household. • Respect, accept and encourage me to follow my healthy lifestyle. I am Vegetarian-Flexitarian. • Lead a healthy life, with good habits, without addictions (alcohol, tobacco, drugs...) • Preferably without children In short, having a healthy relationship is more than just attraction; It requires respect, trust and open communication. In a relationship, there should be no one better or worse. Both men and women deserve the same respect and love.


Dance tango, go to eat, travel, ecological walks, daily exercise (elliptical and routines), read, watch movies.

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