Anti-Scam Protection Policy

At Olivia Date we take our job very seriously. We are here to provide our clients, both male and female, a safe and secure environment to communicate with each other in order to initiate that very special relationship. We use the latest technology to make communication as "live" as possible, including providing a venue to communicate via email, Chat, Chat Date and Live Video.

One of the main components of our efforts to provide the best service to our clients is our Anti-Scam Protection policy. However, before we begin to explain the details our Anti-Scam Protection policy covers, it is necessary to explain exactly what a "scammer" is. Firstly, the purpose of Olivia Date is to provide a place where our members can correspond with one another in hopes of developing a successful relationship. A scammer is any member, whether male of female, who intentionally uses our site for ulterior purposes. A scammer has no intention of engaging in a meaningful relationship with the other members on our site. In short, a scammer is a deceiver and only communicates with the other members to fulfill some other need. Unfortunately this need is usually some type of personal and/or financial gain.

Our quest is to make sure that we do not permit non-genuine members (as described above) the ability to use our site for ulterior purposes other than what our site was intended for. Therefore, to help protect our clients against fraud and dishonesty, we have introduced the Confirmed Profile feature for our ladies. When you see a Confirmed Profile icon on the lady's profile, it means that our local independent representative in Asia verified the identity of that particular lady.

Our lady member's profiles are not confirmed unless our local independent representative personally has spoken with the lady member and verified her passport and background. Our local representatives make sure that there are no bogus profiles, that the lady you see in the profile pictures is the lady you are actually corresponding with, and that she is single and interested in meeting a man through our site. Moreover, our local representatives follow strict rules in verifying the identities of our ladies, and they face even stricter penalties for not following those rules.

There are other online international dating agencies that also claim they have a "no-scam" policy. They also claim that they do not tolerate scam and take action against scammers. Here at Olivia Date, we are happy to disclose to our members exactly what it is we do to rid our site of All Scammers and scamming activity.

Olivia Date Anti-Scam Itinerary

Our administrative team randomly calls our lady members by phone to verify their identity. This includes requiring our lady members validate the information contained in their passport. Our lady members must also be able to verify that they are aware of the correspondence shared with the male members they are communicating with. And this isn't a "one time" effort, meaning that our lady members are aware that they will be contacted multiple times at random to verify their account with us while remaining a member of Olivia Date.

Our lady members are required to be available to use Live Video on a consistent basis. This ensures that no one else is corresponding with the male members on behalf of the lady members.

The accounts of our lady members and local dating agencies are randomly audited to ensure that no scamming activity is in the works.

We have adjusted our software to prevent the local dating agencies we work with located throughout Asia from committing fraud with the lady member's profiles.

Our female members are not compensated in any way to talk to male members and we do not hire any models to pretend to be interested. There are no incentives for ladies to send letters, participate in chats, etc. Our ladies are absolutely not allowed to ask for money or gifts.

We have a team of dedicated employees whose purpose is to combat scam and think of innovative ways to outsmart the deceivers.

Most importantly, you have the option to use any of the various technology features included on our website to verify the lady member's identities. These features include Chat, Live Video, and Video Clips. Also when purchasing a gift for a lady member, a photo is taken of her receiving your gift which also helps to confirm that the lady you are corresponding with is none other than the lady you see in her profile.

For those of you who may be concerned about the anti-scam procedures implemented with the lady members, please be assured that we don't mean to be repetitive or overly regulatory. In other words, we are not interested in policing our members. Additionally, we always conduct ourselves respectfully, professionally and appropriately with all of our members, male and female. Therefore, please be assured that our lady members understand that these conditions are necessary to combat the few who do commit fraud. We are committed to securing a place where our members can safely use our site for what it is intended for, and once again, that is to correspond with other members in hopes of developing a successful relationship.

Now although we can confirm the identity of our lady members and although we can provide our best effort to stop scammers, unfortunately, the true intent of an individual sometimes can't always be discovered. We guarantee that we DO NOT tolerate scam activity, neither do we tolerate scammers. But we cannot guarantee the true motive of every individual, male and female on our site. No one can guarantee intent of any other individual. Therefore, in the very unfortunate event you believe you have encountered an experience with a member who was not genuine, please let us know and we will be more than happy to look into the matter for you. If it is confirmed that the lady is a scammer, please be assured that her profile will be removed from our database immediately.

However, please keep in mind that in online dating, especially when communicating with women from a different country who speaks a different language than you, there can be some honest misunderstandings. In which case, and in order to develop a sincere and trusting relationship, it is necessary to ask your lady questions when in doubt. So in the event there is a possible misunderstanding, we highly recommend attempting to resolve the mix-up with your lady before finalizing any conclusions.

With all that said, you can rest assured that we are here to help you in any way we can. Your satisfaction is our best reward, and by reading our testimonials, you can see for yourself that we are very successful in our job... and that is helping people to find each other and create strong and warm relationships.

Thank you for choosing Olivia Date where your happiness is our job!


Olivia Date Team

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