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Are women on this site real? Are they models? They look too beautiful.

Yes, they are real. We are proud to have the most beautiful and gorgeous ladies Asia has to offer. We only offer the best. We work hard to keep our database clean from bogus profiles. Look for the icon "Confirmed Profile" on the lady's personal page - it means our representative personally interviewed the lady and confirmed her identity. The reason why the women in our agency look so beautiful is that they make a special effort to look good. This is normal for women from the Asia. They take pride in their appearance and enjoy looking their best.

What does the "Level of English" mean?

The level of English indicates the lady's ability to communicate in English. It includes both spoken and written English. Note, that lady's language ability can be enhanced through our private language lessons. Here is the helpful chart for your lady's ability to communicate at the given moment in time.

Beginner's level - very limited language ability, needs almost all text and words translated.

Intermediate level - understands simple English, need complex words and sentences translated.

Almost Fluent level - good level of language proficiency, needs little help with complex words and letters.

Expert level - fluent, understands, writes without any feasible difficulty.

Please do not be discouraged with somebody's level because most of our ladies are very smart, hence, they need much less time to learn the language. Try to always give a lady a chance to make it work.

Someone on the website asked for money, should I send it?

You should NEVER send money to anyone. Please contact administration as soon as possible if anyone asks for money, gifts outside this website or any other material things. This website has zero tolerance towards such a behavior by any member.

How Do I Submit A Testimonial?

Firstly, we are happy that you are satisfied with our services. To submit a testimonial, please:

  1. Log in to
  2. Select the 'Share Your Success' link located on your homepage.

My account

How Do I Disable My Email Notifications?

To disable your email notifications:

  1. Log in to
  2. Select the 'My Acount' Link
  3. Select the 'Disable email notifications about new messages' link.

How Do I Enable Email Notifications?

To disable your email notifications:

  1. Log in to
  2. Select the 'My Account' Link
  3. Select the 'Enable email notifications about new messages' link.

What Are Email Notifications?

Email notifications are a daily update sent to our members each day informing them of all the new emails from the lady members that have arrived in that day. They arrive around 12:30 AM Pacific Standard time.

How Do I Know How Many Available Credits Are Remaining In My Account?

Your credit balance is available on your home page once you log in.

How Do I Change My Credit Card Info on My Account?

  1. Log in to
  2. Select the 'My Account' Link
  3. Select the Upgrade Credit Card Information link
  4. Enter the new card details and submit.

Exchanging phone numbers/contact info

Can I include my personal contact information in my email, photos or chat messages?

Due to the International Marriage Broker Regulation Act of 2005, male members are prohibited from direct exchange of their personal contact information through the services of any site. However, we created a system that allows you to exchange contact information and go on a tour to meet your lady with a help of our website.

How can I get lady's contact information if our relationship is serious?

To be eligible to request contact information from the lady members, Silver, Gold or Platinum members who have retained the paid membership for 3 consecutive months or more must have at least acquired 600 credits to obtain contact information.

Silver, Gold or Platinum members who have been paid members less than 3 consecutive months need to acquire 950 credits to request contact information.

Once you are eligible to receive a lady's contact information, if you live in the USA, you need to complete a disclosure statement located on the Account Options page, required by International Marriage Broker Regulation Act. A translated copy of this form will then need to be signed by your lady. For members who reside counties other than USA, the request goes straight to the lady for her decision on the release of her personal information.

There will be an administrative fee of 100 credits for this paperwork performed by our independent local representative. For countries other than USA the fee will be 60 credits. The fee will be deducted from your account when you submit a request for contact information.

What information do I need to call a lady?


I'm Qualified, how can I get lady's contact information?

Once you are a qualified to receive lady's contact information, please:

  1. Login
  2. Select the 'My Account' link.
  3. Select the 'Request Girl's Personal Contact Information' link.
  4. Enter the Profile ID of the lady of your choice.
  5. Submit your request.

Once she approves your request, her contact information will be emailed to you. To view the status of your contact request, complete steps 1 and 2 and in the Accounts Option page, select the 'View Status of My Contact Information Requests' link.

How Do I Qualify to Request Contact Information?

Silver, Gold or Platinum members who have retained the paid membership for 3 consecutive months or more must have at least acquired 600 credits to obtain contact information. Silver, Gold or Platinum members who have been paid members less than 3 consecutive months need to acquire 950 credits to request contact information. This is not the cost of obtaining contact information. Rather, acquiring these credits is a qualification requirement prior to requesting contact information. The processing costs for contact information requests is 100 credits for US members (due to the disclosure statement required by US law that must be processed) and 60 credits for non-US residents.


How does the membership work and what are the costs?

We have four different membership types:

Bronze Membership: FREE

Silver Membership: $9.99/month

Gold Membership: $29.99/month

Platinum Membership: $49.99/month

How do I cancel my membership?

To cancel your membership and/or remove your profile please visit the Account Options page located on your home page once you login.

I would like to upgrade. How much does it cost?

When you upgrade you only pay the difference between your current membership fee and the membership fee you are upgrading to.

Below please find the upgrade costs grouped by membership plans.

If you are a Free Trial member:

Upgrade to Gold $29.99

Upgrade to Platinum $49.99

If you are a Silver member:

Upgrade to Gold $20

Upgrade to Platinum $40

If you are a Gold member:

Upgrade to Platinum $20

Starting a relationship

How does my relationship with a Asian lady usually work?

The process in short includes selecting which members you would like to correspond with. Once you have done so, you can communicate via email or Chat. Once you have found that you are really interested in that individual, you then request her contact information so you can communicate on the phone. And once you are ready to meet her, contact us for travel tour arrangements. When you have visited her in Asia and decide you would like to marry her, you then would acquire a visa for her and make arrangements to bring her to your country.

Why do these women want to move to other countries?


My profile

How do I place my profile on this site?

Click on the Join Now link. Please include recent pictures and don't be afraid to tell the lady members a little bit about yourself.

How do I upload a photo into my profile?

To add photos:

  1. Login.
  2. On your homepage, select the 'My Account' link.
  3. Select the 'Add/Change My Photos' link.
  4. Select the 'Browse' button. A new window will appear and you will need to locate where photos are in your computer.
  5. Once you have chosen which photo you prefer to use, select the 'Upload' button.

To change your primary photo, please select the Account Options link on your home page. Next, click on Add/Edit Photos. If you have a second photo, click on Switch Photos. If you don't have a second photo, attach it first and then click on Switch. Now you can either keep your primary photo as a second photo or delete it.

Once your photos has been uploaded to your profile, please allow approximately 24-48 hours for administrator approval. Your photo must be in .jpg or .gif format and must be 2 MB or smaller. Additionally, please make sure you are the only person depicted in the photos.


What is an admirer?

Admirer Notice represents an interest of a particular lady in you. When a lady selects you as an Admirer, it means that the lady is interested in you and has added you to her Favorites folder. Likewise, when you add a lady to your Favorites folder, your profile will show in her Admirers folder each time she logs in.

How do I use "Favorites" feature?

You can convey interest in a lady by adding her to your Favorites folder. To add a lady to your Favorites folder, click the "Add to Favorites" button located at the top and the bottom of her profile. When you do so, she will receive a notification that she has an Admirer and your profile will be listed in her Admirers folder each time she logs in.

Getting started

How Do I Join?

To view profiles and correspond with our female members, please join

Here's how you sign up:

  1. Go to
  2. Select the 'Join Now'
  3. Select the level of membership you'd like to try.
  4. Enter your information and select the 'Join' link.

Your membership benefits will start immediately.

Choose Your Lady... Or Ladies

You can search for the Asian ladies that most fit your particular tastes and interests by using the Search feature located on our website. Once you have entered your search criteria, select the Show Matches link to view the different selection of women who match your preferences.

To view complete profiles of the lady members, please become a member.


What forms of payments are accepted?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover credit cards.

Dating Services International, LLC.
5830 E 2nd St Ste 8, Casper, WY 82609.

Please allow 7 business days for posting.

My Credit Card is Automatically Charged for Credits. Why?

If you are automatically charged credits, it is because you have activated the 'Automatic Credits Purchase Option' link in your account. This link can be found by selecting the Account Options link on your home page.

To deactivate this option, please:

  1. Login.
  2. Select the My Account link.
  3. Select the Automatic Credits Purchase Option link.
  4. Select the drop down box and choose 'not to purchase any credits'.
  5. Select the Save Preference button.

My Credit Card Has Been Declined. Why? Can You Help?

Please verify that your billing information is correct including your billing address, name and CVV code (the CVV code is the three digit verification code located on the back of Visa, Mastercard and Discover credit cards. For American Express cards, the CVV is the 4 digit numerical code located on the front of the card).

If your information is correct, please contact your card issuing bank for details and/or status. If your bank confirms your card has appropriate or available funds, please contact Customer Service by selecting the following link Customer Service. Please provide the exact error message you're receiving as this information will help us to investigate and resolve the issue.


How do credits work?


  • 500 Credits - $199 US (35 % discount)
  • 340 Credits - $149 US (28 % discount)
  • 200 Credits - $99 US (18 % discount)
  • 110 Credits - $60 US (10 % discount)
  • 50 Credits - $30 US

Incoming Emails:

  • Bronze Members - 10 credits (per email)
  • Silver Members - FREE!
  • Gold Members - FREE!
  • Platinum Members - FREE!

Outgoing Emails - Introductions:

  • Bronze Members - 10 credits (per email)
  • Silver Members - Send Intro Emails FREE! (10 per month)
  • Gold Members - Send Intro Emails FREE! (30 per month)
  • Platinum Members - Send Intro Emails FREE! (50 per month)


When you have exceeded your free "introduction" email limit as a Silver, Gold, or Platinum Member within your 30 day billing cycle, you will need 10 credits (per email) to send any additional introduction emails.

Outgoing Emails - Follow-ups:

  • Bronze Members - 10 credits (per email)
  • Silver Members - 10 credits (per email)
  • Gold Members - 10 credits (per email)
  • Platinum Members - Send Follow-up Emails FREE! (30 per month)
  • Note: When you have exceeded your free "follow-up" email limit as a Platinum Member within your 30 day billing cycle, you will need 10 credits (per email) to send any additional follow-up emails.

Where Are My Monthly Free Credits?

Free credits are given to new customers when registering for the Gold and Platinum memberships for the first time and are not included as a monthly benefit when the membership is renewed.

Chat & Live video

How does Live Chat work and what are the costs?

First, you need to login to our site using your username and password. If you don't have one, you can register on our site absolutely free here. If you have forgotten your password, please click on the link Forgot password located on this page.

Once logged in, you will see "Ladies Online" menu item on the left side under "Ladies Gallery" section of the menu. Click on "Ladies Online" button to see which ladies are currently logged on.

If you wish to start a chat session with any one of those ladies, click on the button Chat Icon displayed right below her picture.

She will receive an invitation from you and a chat window will open for you. Once she accepts your invitation, you will receive a message from her in the chat window.

If a lady invites you to chat, you will see a popup window showing who would like to chat with you. You can review her profile before accepting a chat session. If you don't wish to chat with this lady, simply click on "No Thanks" and the lady will be notified.

Please disable your popup blocker to accept chat invitations from the ladies. If your blocker is not disabled, you will not be able to see her invitation, thus you won't be able to chat with her. The same applies to Norton and McAfee Security popup blocking devices. If you have any technical difficulties, please contact us.

The costs for Live Chat are the following:

  • Bronze member - 2 credits/min
  • Silver member - 1 credit/min (50% Discount)
  • Gold member- 1 credit/min (50% Discount)
  • Platinum member - 1 credit/min (50% Discount)

The costs for Live Video Streaming are the following:

  • Bronze member - 2 credits/min
  • Silver member - 1 credit/min (50% Discount)
  • Gold member - 1 credit/min (50% Discount)
  • Platinum member - 1 credit/min (50% Discount)

What is a chat date?

Chat date allows you to invite any lady you like to a live chat at a date/time convenient for you. You can find an icon Invite Icon under a lady's photo. For merely 1 credit you can schedule a chat date with any lady on our website. Select a specific date and time. The lady will accept, decline or reschedule your invitation. Once your invitation is accepted, you have a real live chat date with a lady where you can talk to her live and see her live if her web camera is enabled.

When I type in Live Chat, it's really slow and some letters get dropped if I type too fast. Can you help?

Users with Internet Explorer 7.0 browser, Adobe Flash, and Microsoft Windows Vista have been known to experience very slow typing in Live Chat.

To fix this issue, do the following:

  • Go to My Computer in the Start Menu.
  • In the address bar, type: C:\Windows\System32\macromed\flash
  • You will see a file called FlashUtil9d.exe (or possibly FlashUtil9c.exe; it depends on your version).
  • Double click on the FlashUtil9d.exe file. Follow the installation instructions.
  • Once the installation is complete, restart your computer and log back in.

What do the options on the Chat Invitation window mean?

There are 3 options available to members receiving Chat Invitations. They are:

  1. Accept - selecting this option will open a chat session with the member inviting you to chat.
  2. Decline - selecting this option will decline and close the chat invitation.
  3. Block - selecting this option permanently blocks the member from chatting with you. Once you invite a previously blocked member to a chat session, the block against that member will immediately discontinue.

Closing the Chat window has replaced the Busy link option. Closing the Chat window tells all members you are busy during the next 5 minutes. Therefore, closing the chat window will stop all incoming invitations for a period of 5 minutes.

What do the options on the Chat Invitation window mean?


Corresponding with the lady member

How do I contact the ladies I like on your website?

First, you will have to sign up for any membership which will allow you to communicate with the ladies through our site's messaging system as well as write them directly using credits. Also you can use our Live Video Chat and Live Video Streaming features for the best results.

How do I send an email to a lady?

Generally, you have to become a member of Olivia Date. Then, for most membership levels you can send an introductory letter or purchase credits.

Why can't I read incoming messages from the ladies?

In order to read incoming messages from the ladies, a gentleman has to sign up for a Free Trial or purchase Gold or Platinum membership. A person can also buy credits and use them to open and read incoming messages. There might be a confusion between completing a personal profile and getting a Free Trial. Completing a profile is step 2 out a 3-step process of receiving a Free Trial. Once you complete your profile, you need to click on the "Free Trial" button to receive a Free 3-Day Trial on our site. You can now open and read all incoming letters absolutely free.

Am I assured a response from the person I selected to write or call?

No. Unfortunately we, or anybody else, can not guarantee the response from anybody. Writing that, bear in mind, that we will help a gentleman to get the response, but we can not force anyone to answer if he or she does not want to. As a matter of fact, the entire relationship is not guaranteed even after you get married to a Asian woman because it is completely out of our control. We sincerely hope that 100 percent of the relationships will work, but we have to deal with the reality. We truly hope yours will work. Your happiness is our highest purpose!

What is an introductory letter?

Introductory letter is the first letter you write to a particular lady you like in order to see if she likes you and responds back to you. For example Silver membership gives you 10 introductory letters per month. You will need to have some follow up letters after introductory letters. Platinum members have follow up letters incorporated into their membership.

What is a follow up letter?

Follow up letter is any letter after initial introductory letter send to the same lady to facilitate further correspondence and further develop a relationship. Platinum members have follow up letter incorporated in their membership. Other members have to buy credits to use follow up emails.


Where can I get help with immigration issues?

We are working on setting a large part of our operations to help customers with this matter. The best thing you can do is to hire an experienced immigration attorney. You can possibly do it yourself. One of the most resourceful Internet resources is the INS web site.

In the nearest future we plan to help you to solve your immigration filing issues.

Video clips

What are the introductory video costs?

The costs for introductory video are the following:

Bronze member - 40 credits

Silver member - 20 credits (50% Discount)

Gold member - 20 credits (50% Discount)

Platinum member - 20 credits (50% Discount)

Once you purchase the video, you can view it free of charge for 3 days.

Company Info

How does Olivia Date differ from other competitors?

We have a core set of qualities and beliefs that separates us from others. They are:

  • Quality - making every step our personal and foremost responsibility
  • Variety - we simply offer more services than any other competitor
  • Personal Approach - helping every client as if he or she were our best friend
  • Cost Effectiveness - the lowest possible cost for the client

What is Olivia Date?

Olivia Date is a premier personalized marriage agency where client's satisfaction and concerns are our primary focus. We carefully select the ladies on our site by working with the most trusted local agencies throughout Asia. Recently we have introduced an industry innovation - "Confirmed Profile". This feature allows you to write to the girl knowing her identity was verified by the agency. All the ladies are real and we do not tolerate any form of scams.

We are the most cost effective solution on the internet. We offer the most advance technology available in online dating today . For example, our price to value ratio for Live Chat is the best in the industry. We update our database daily and have 100% Anti-scam policy, meaning that no scam activity is tolerated. Our clients are welcome contact us in the event they are concerned they have encountered any suspicious activity. We protect our clients from scam by diligently responding to their concerns and deleting profiles from our database immediately upon the first sign of suspicious activity.

Our main mission is to provide personalized service to specific clients needs. We take a very personal approach about bringing two people together all over the globe. Our clients are very pleased with the great customer service and advice we provide. Our clients trust us and we live up to the promise of great customer care. Bringing value for the client is one of the most important priorities for us!

How do I contact Olivia Date?

Please contact us with all your inquiries by using this form.
We are proud to server you in your quest for your Asian lady!

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